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Kosher meat

Kosher meat



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Below is a form that can be used to order Kosher meat and poultry. The items on this form are our most popular, but they are just a sampling of what is available. If you are looking for more variety or something specific, please call 563-355-1065 or email chana@chabadquadcities.

Most basic items are usually in stock, however for items that need to be ordered please allow 1-2 weeks for them to come in.

Phone Number:

Whole chicken $2.30
Cut up chicken $2.41

Chicken leg quarters

Boneless skinless chicken breast (3 pcs) $4.93
Boneless skinless chicken breast- family pack (6 pcs) $4.72
Chicken wings $1.63
Ground beef $6.74
Beef cubes (stew meat) $7.25
Rib Steak $11.57
Pepper steak $7.59
Small briskets (1st cut) $11.00
Hot dogs (8 per pack) $4.25
sliced smoked turkey breast 4oz $8.00/ lb
sliced corned beef 6oz $9.52/ lb
sliced pastrami 6 oz $9.52/ lb
turkey breast variety package 12oz $8.00/ lb
Shmurah Matzah $16.50/ lb

*Prices are subject to change. We occasionally get a better deal or a sale price on some items which will be passed along to you.

Questions or Comments:

The sale of Kosher meat is a not for profit service provided by Chabad Lubavitch of the Quad Cities. Our goal is to make it easier to keep Kosher in the Quad Cities.

Kosher Meat

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