About this project


In May of 2005, Rabbi Shneur and Chana Cadaner moved to Iowa to open Chabad of the Quad Cities. Straddling the Iowa/Illinois border, these four towns once saw a vibrant Jewish community, with multiple synagogues and kosher outlets. Though demographics have shifted and little remains of that era, the Cadaners set out to revive Jewish life here for Jewish residents and travelers in the region. An array of programs and resources, from holiday celebrations to kosher meat distribution, has steadily encouraged the growth of Jewish life and warmly welcomes in Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. Jewish education for adults and children is the mainstay of Chabad of the Quad Cities, as is providing resources for strengthening Jewish observance.

At present, there are a number of women in the Quad Cities community traveling vast distances each month to use the mikvah, with almost a dozen more waiting for a local mikvah to begin this practice. An untold number of women will be introduced to this Mitzvah only upon the Milkvah’s completion, making this project timely and urgently needed.