Our Curriculum


Our students learn to read and write Hebrew and achieve a familiarity with the Jewish prayer book.


Study of the weekly Torah portion provides our students with practical lessons that apply to their daily lives.


Our  students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture as it has been preserved in modern times. We use a giant time-line and parallel secular history to what they are learning.


As the students progress through our school, the traditions and lessons from the Jewish Holidays provide a deeper and richer level of understanding. Families and children all enjoy celebrations and festivities hosted by the school.


The uniqueness of our homeland is imparted to our students. The land of where it all began, and where it all continues.


Beginning with simple lessons, our younger children learn the origins behind the mitzvot. We stress practical application to the child's daily life in school and home. The older children explore and delve into the spirituality of the Mitzvot on a deeper level, beginning with discussions on the concept of a soul and progressing to a discussion of each students own feelings about his/her personal Jewishness